It is not easy for anyone to become a boxer. Only a select few can handle the blows to the head, stomach and anywhere else they may have contact. For those two men fighting one another in the ring, they have the stamina, drive, knowledge, and correct fitness routines that help them be their own version of Rocky.

A boxer has their own workout routine they feel is fit for them. Not every persons body is the same so neither will a diet or fitness plan. The one obvious thing that each boxer does have in common though is the punching bag and the ring where they continuously practice their jabs and blows. The problem with this is that even though the whole body gets a complete workout, eventually after time it will have its moment of plateau, allowing the body to stop growing muscle (unless that is what you want).

What should a boxer do in order to have the perfect fitness plan? Each day that a boxer practices on the bag, he will most likely also be working out in another form. Each day planned for this workout should be scheduled for a particular body part(s). With each body part you decide on, there should be a list of different workouts that you can choose from in order to keep the muscle flowing beautifully. Below is a basic workout schedule used by most personal trainers as an example for their clients.

Monday: Upper Body (Arms, Neck, Shoulders, Pectoral, and Upper Back)

Wednesday: Mid Body (Torso, Back)

Friday: Lower Body (Legs, Butt)

Using this basic breakdown, a boxer can choose between what they know will work for their size, weight, and liking in order to achieve that swollen feeling at the end of the day. Some examples of these workouts include doing things such as pushing the weigh a bit and trying to max out with out hurting yourself. You can apply this to each days workout. Listen to the body when it tells you that you have had enough though. no need to snap any bones. Also, challenge yourself to new routines that you have never tried. Doing this will make your body thank you and you will surely see the results sooner than later.

Some great workout ideas for a boxer to apply to his/her routine are dips and squats of any kind. Dips help the whole upper body while allowing you to workout your stomach while it helps you back up each tip. Squats are perfect for the whole lower body and if you through in a kettle bell or any other type of weight, you will be working out the whole body. These two ideas alone are a great way to workout if you cannot make it to a gym with weights.

Some other really effective ways to bulk up and stay in fighting shape is by doing some curl ups, chin ups, and push ups. Another great way to mix up the routine is by using the workout bands. These elastic bands allow you to workout almost anywhere on any part of your body. Some examples are triceps extensions, inner thy extensions, and anything else that one could be doing when using them.

Using a yoga ball for particular workout moves can be a huge beneficial tool. When anyone is new to using the yoga ball, it takes a bit of time to gain their balance on it, which takes using muscles one probably never knew they had before. Applying this into a few push ups, sit ups, or planks will show phenomenal results.

As you can see, becoming a boxer may not be for everyone but getting the body of one can be. There are many ways to achieve the result that you want, even if you start out by releasing aggression onto a bag. Eventually, that will work its way up to a full fledged insane routine that give you the best body of your life.