Larry Army Jr. always thought his career in professional sports would revolve around basketball, not boxing.

Army has been a certified NBA (National Basketball Association) player agent since 1994 And while he always has been an aficionado of boxing, it wasn’t until 2005 that Army began to move from fan to active participant. It was that year Army–lawyer, developer, financier, realtor, husband, father and generally considered to be of sound mind–decided he wanted to box. So, he had his one and only amateur bout. Soon after he determined his role in boxing lay outside the ring.

Less than two years later Larry Army launched his managerial career with two-time national amateur middleweight champion Edwin Rodriguez. Both live in Worcester, Mass., and Army had been following Rodriguez’s career for several years.

“I’ve never been involved in anything as fascinating and exciting as boxing nor anything as rewarding as my relationship with Edwin and his family,” says Army. “I have no doubt that the principals which have served me well in my other endeavors, diligence, imagination and integrity, will do the same in boxing.”

When not attending to Rodriguez or his numerous enterprises, Army enjoys golf as well as boating and traveling with his wife, Kelly, and his daughter, Isabella.

Army, who was born and raised in Massachusetts, graduated from Seton Hall in New Jersey and Suffolk University Law School in Boston.


Peter Manfredo trains approximately one dozen pros and amateurs, including his son, world-ranked super middleweight Peter Manfredo Jr.

“Edwin has a tremendous upside,” said Manfredo Sr. “He’ll certainly be a force to be reckoned with as a pro. He’s very strong and has a solid jab, good snap on his punches, great stamina and quickness.

“But Edwin also has determination, focus and heart. He has plenty of desire, works hard and wants to learn. Edwin’s smart, too; he listens and understands quickly. He realizes that being a pro is completely different, and that he has to step it up because he’s not in the amateur world any more,” said Manfredo Sr.

“I’m really excited about working with someone as knowledgeable and successful as Peter,” said the 6-foot, 22-year-old Rodriguez. “He’ll help immensely in getting me to where I want and expect to be, and that’s a world champion one day.”

“In Peter we’ve found the perfect trainer, a teacher who’ll give Edwin the solid foundation he needs starting out as a young pro,” said Larry Army Jr., manager of Rodriguez.

“Peter will help Edwin entrench the fundamentals, hone and take full advantage of Edwin’s natural abilities and attributes and allow him to fulfill his potential and reach his goals. Of course, Edwin’s long-time amateur trainer, Carlos Garcia, will still be with the team; none of us would have it any other way.”


Dave Tenny, a 35-year veteran of the sport of boxing with more than 40 world championship fights and 7 different world champs as a top outman.

Mr. Tenny was an amateur boxer before continuing professionally in the sport as a trainer, manager and top cutman for more than 35 years. He has worked the corner for several championship fights.