Here are some highlights as of November 12, 2015.

Here is a fight breakdown on Rodriguez’s loss to Andre Ward. That’s nothing to be ashamed of. Ward is the second best pound-to-pound fighter next to Floyd Mayweather. This was Ward’s first time back in the ring in quite awhile after having shoulder surgery, so it was a tough test.

Rodriquez didn’t stick to any kind of gameplan. He was all over the place. Edwin came out aggressive throwing bombs, mixing up low and high. Challengers should always come out like they want to take that belt form the champion.

Later in the fight Rodriguez tried to create some space and Ward landed some big hits. Later he tried working counter punches which had some success. Unfortunately he didn’t stick to countering. That was the best part of the fight.

Edwin did get a little dirty. He did some excessive holding. He couldn’t keep Ward where he wanted him. In the fourth round Edwin got Ward in a choke hold which pissed him off. There was some scrum and the ref got tagged. This lead each fighter to get docked two points.

Here is a solid fight between Rodriguez and Aaron Pryor Jr. Pryor came in at 15-2 with 11 knockouts. Rodriquez won this decision by quite a few points, but I felt like it was closer than the scoreboard ended up.


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